Pave Your Own Path.

After a career of navigating in the dark, Hang Thi Yen Black breaks free from the confines of generic formulas to become an inspirational woman, mother, and Silicon Valley leader armed with skill, will, and tenacity. Her book seeks to share her journey and empower you to Embrace Your Edge.



As a Vietnamese immigrant, dedicated mother, and seasoned technology executive, Hang shares nearly three decades of experience developing resources and resilience so that other women, marginalized by cultural and racial bias, may learn how to:

  • Level the playing field and arrive at any destination they choose on their own merits, on their own terms, with dignity and authenticity
  • Create their own access to powerful networks and resources
  • Be inspired to conquer their world, as they choose to define it, with confidence and truth
Manjula Talreja
CCO PagerDuty and Board Member at City Year

“The best business outcomes are achieved when teams bring diverse experiences and points of view like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, where no piece is identical. Hang's book is a quintessential roadmap for immigrant women who are amplifying each other’s unique perspective as they rise in leadership.”

Carla Harris
Author of Expect to Win and Vice Chairman and Managing Director at Morgan Stanley

“As Hang reveals the intimate details of her journey from refugee to immigrant to a corporate success, she demands that each of us embrace every aspect of our journey–the pain, the loss, the victories, the successes–and unapologetically applies all of it as the edge that it is in order to excel.”

Minda Harts
Author of The Memo

"A difficult discussion to address at work is how people of color can better support and understand each other's unique edge. Hang’s candor and vulnerability allows each of us to better engage in critical conversations and build authentic relationships in the workplace."

Rami Rahim
CEO of Juniper Networks

"Innovation comes at the cross-section of diverse ideas, which is why it’s so important to seek diversity in top talent with different skills, backgrounds, and life experiences. Hang’s powerful story provides a guide to harnessing your unique edge to achieve your leadership potential."

Eric Yuan
Founder and CEO of Zoom Communications

"There is no innovation if you are not open-minded. Embrace Your Edge highlights the importance of access and collaboration for all in the 21st century, in business and in our communities."

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